E-commerce Best practices & Trends

Find all our updated insights about Conversation & Personalisation, Live chat & Recommendation, User experience & Technology, Conversion & Loyalty. These topics are addressed in a concrete and operational point of view in order to be eventually activable in your future e-commerce roadmap.

Why Conversational Commerce will create growth in fashion ecommerce websites

The New Customer Journey in Fashion Retail : Online sales are continuously growing in the fashion retail sector. Consumers are decidedly future-oriented and are adapting to the mobile use of technology. However, there is a gap between their high expectations for online shopping and the reality offered by brands who struggle to provide an experience that fully meets the customers' needs. Though 75% of consumers have high expectations for the online shopping experience, only 63% feel that brands manage to fully satisfy them.

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The best ecommerce tools to boost your performance

The rapid growth of online retail has paved the way for an abundance of tools and technologies designed to enhance the e-commerce experience for both merchants and consumers. From streamlined inventory management to personalised marketing strategies, these tools play a crucial role in driving success and growth in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape In this article, we will explore the top e-commerce tools that have proven to be invaluable assets for online businesses.

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The sizing, a major challenge for fashion online retailers

Choosing the right size in the online ready-to-wear world for an end-user relies on a very complex system because it is not standardized. Unlike an in-store experience, the customer can no longer talk to a salesperson and it is therefore more difficult to get recommendations and advice on sizes or fits. Despite efforts to standardize this system and the advancement of new technologies, sizes vary considerably from one country to another, from one brand to another and even within the same brand on different collections. This is a real challenge for fashion e-commerce retailers. We analyzed the different approaches proposed by the current solutions on the market that aim to answer this challenge.

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Why visual search is the next major trend in ecommerce product search?

By living in a world in which 90% of information transmitted to the human brain is visual (according to the MIT), technologies such as visual search are the true game changers in their domain. This is not a passing trend, already 62% of millennials in fact said they prefer a search with images over any other technology during the digital shopping experience.

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Live chat: impact on an e-commerce site

Today's world is becoming more and more digital and most of the companies have a website where their customers can order and buy products. To differentiate yourself from competitors and to bring real added value, installing a live chat is an ideal solution to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

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Which CMS to choose for your ecommerce site?

Which CMS to choose for your ecommerce site? This question is frequently asked in e-businesses and it is especially important when there is a site redesign planned. This choice is crucial because it will determine the functionalities, uses, ease of use, performances, compatibilities, and even possible integrations of the website. Thus, to help with your selection, we made a comparison of the main suppliers. Work with an agency or internalize it? Example of use cases with Jonak and Wshop.

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