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AI Powered Online Shopping Assistant

Provide a highly personalised
customer experience online

Personalised recommendations and Conversational assistant
to engage, help your visitors find quickly the right product or answer
and to improve your conversion and retention rate, getting closer to what your clients need.

Online retail issues

Catalog format: your customer doesn’t benefit from a personalised experience.

Too many products: your customer is missing his best picks diluted in the mass.

Our solution

Customise the user experience through a smart digital salesperson on your e-shop.

Have a conversational experience with your customers to understand their preferences.

Help your customers to find rapidly and not to miss the clothes that best matches with their tastes.

Personalised recommendations

When your visitors are in a « window shopping » mode, they won’t scroll all your website.

So show them firstly what best matches their tastes.

Automated Live chat

When your visitors are in a « precise idea / question » mode, they don’t want to wait to get your answer.

So reply them automatically, 24/7.

Your multiple benefits

your conversion rate

Provide the most adapted products to each user and make sure that they won’t miss their best picks diluted in the mass.

the whole experience

Get high granularity data about your clients preferences and personalise your CRM, notably newsletters.

the customer satisfaction

Take care of their needs and guide them through their journey on your website, from search to purchase and customer service.

Our added value

  • Conversational and visual user experience

  • Available 24/7 and automatically adapted to your catalog

  • Exact and precise user data: both declarative and behavioural

  • Customizable anytime and autonomously (design, wording, AI parameters...)

  • Unique recommendation accuracy: 2 years of R&D
    on the visual vertical

  • Autonomous administration through a dedicated platform

  • A Plug & Play add-in: no work necessary for you

  • Cross-selling development

  • Concrete results measurables through A/B testing

  • Mobile adapted

Implemented in 1 minute

Only one line of code to add. No technical work needed from you.

Cleed is an API based solution (SaaS), designed to externalise all the implementation and follow-up process on our side.

We scrap your catalogue several times per day to be always up to date.

Compatible with all CMS

Our solution is universal and can be added to any website, whatever the CMS or frameworks used.

Even if you are planning to change your CMS version or provider afterwards, this won’t have any impact.

Various user interface options

Chatbot format

It won't alter your website structure and will be the most easy-to-deploy solution.

This will allow you to notify easily your customers and create interactions to start engaging them.

This very flexible format can be displayed wherever you decide (all or certain pages, all or certain audience, ...).

Specific web page

This option will allow you to get more attention from your visitors on this feature, but also to have more space dedicated to personnalisation.

The look and feel will tend towards a very seamless experience.

You will also be able to integrate the elements of this page into your SEO.

Seamless content personalisation

Catalog: Prioritise the displayed products for each user.

Product page: Recommend products that they could also like or that could be added a purchase.

Search: Prioritize the displayed products for each user.

Messenger app & Personalised newsletters

Tool replicable in the Messenger app.

You can also personalise your newsletters thanks to data exports (Mailchimp, Mailjet, SendInBlue, …).

On your side, an Admin platform to manage everything

Universal conversations Messenger platform

Follow all conversations and takeover when necessary.

Our system automatically dispatches conversations between different team members, based on different filters (behavioural, geographical or transactional).

If you want, you can even decide to start a conversation with any of your loyal customers, as if they entered in a luxury store.

If you already have one, this can be implemented in your existing messenger platform.

Multiple channels agregation

Handle conversations on different channels concurrently, in one platform.

Get the 360 degree view of each customer, and don’t lose information if he switches channel.

Data analytics dashboards in real time

Monitor the performance of the Assistant: conversion, usage, …

Understand the trends: for products feedbacks as well as for users characteristics (gathered and anonymised data), with a high granularity level.

A/B testing.

Export all your data in the format you want.

Third party integration

Import and export data from other existing services providers (CMS, search engines, messenger platforms…).

Assistant features management

Autonomous adaptations of the wording, design, content of the Assistant in order to control and update your branding.

Bring your in-store customer experience online

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Shopping Assistant
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