Ecommerce Live Assistant

Ecommerce Live Assistant

The most complete AI & Human Conversational Assistant.
Application Suite for Ecommerce Personalisation, à la carte & All-in-one.
To boost your sales and automate your customer service 24/7.
Easy to install. Connected to your tools.

Free up your customer service by automating the post-purchase process.

And boost your conversion by personalizing the pre-purchase customer experience

Add a salesperson to your ecommerce website and engage with your visitors

Available 24/7 to maximise your sales and manage your post sales

Make your ecommerce conversational

Do not let your customers without answers

The best from AI and Human
into an all-in-one chatbot format

Unique multi-App approach

“A la carte” applications

Customisable design and journey


A unified approach to customer service and sales

Automation of recurring subjects to scale your online support

Our human supervisors can takeover to guarantee an optimal answers quality

Can also be managed by your customer service

Implicate your in-store salespersons for precise product advice

A Guaranteed return on investment



Average conversion increase, observed on users of the solution

Option : Cost on percentage of additional sales


Requests to manage

Decrease in incoming tickets, despite an increase in exchanges (fewer emails, more live chat)

Significant time saved for your customer service



User experience improvement, erasing friction points

Loyalty and rebuy development

The Multi-apps & Tailor-made Assistant

All-in-one tool for conversational commerce & personalisation, through a modular SaaS suite, in a chatbot format


Fluidify the user journey with direct answers 24/7
Release your customer service staff and Implicate your in-store salespersons


Personalise your online shopping experience,
providing your customers with what best match their tastes
Include more interactivity and immersion to your website


Help your visitors to quickly find what they are looking for,
thanks to our advanced technologies


Bring the store home, try our products digitally added value

  • Available 24/7

  • On-demand decision trees, with unlimited adjustments

  • Just one line of code to add on your side

  • Adjustable modes

  • Linked to your CMS (catalogue, orders, …)

  • Mobile & SEO adapted (light & asynchrone charging)

  • Omnichannel (Whatsapp Business, Messenger, …)

  • Admin platform for conversations & statistics management

  • Precise customer journey analysis and personalised AI recommendations

  • Concrete results measurables through A/B testing

Integrated to your existing solutions to automate processes

Our tool is able to connect to your existing CMS or CRM softwares

This allows us to plug-in to your existing databases (catalog, order or delivery status, purchase history…) in order to provide the right info autonomously

We are also able to merge processes (messenger systems, call centers flows, …) from your installed solutions to scale your customer service

Multiple channels aggregation

Handle conversations on different channels concurrently, in one platform

Get the 360 degree view your customers, and don’t lose information if they switch channels

Admin Messenger platform
to monitor Conversations

Follow-up all conversations with your online visitors

Get a 360° view of interactions, including various channels and applications

Allows for autonomous management from your teams (design, wording, automated messages…)

Includes : Catalog labellisation, cross sell, customer url page info, historical data, …

Admin Analytics platform
to manage and exploit your data

Monitor the Assistant's performance in terms of usage and conversion.

A/B testing and export

Understand the trends about product characteristics and user preferences (high granularity level)

Bring your in-store customer experience online

Through our augmented salesperson for automated & human advisory