Use cases



Time saved by customer service teams

Anja, a French swimwear brand, observed a significant increase in sales thanks to the Assistant. Customers are highly satisfied due to the reactivity of responses of the Live chat. They also have the possibility to find live the most adapted size thanks to the customised size recommender (per model). All that helps to drive purchase and limit returns.

Shoes & Leather goods


Conversion with Assistant users (vs. non users)

Manfield, one of the oldest shoe brands in the world, observed a significant increase in sales thanks to the Assistant. Indeed, the conversion rate for the users of the Assistant is 5 times higher than for non users, during the highest periods. Moreover, thanks to the additional features (Products recommendations and Size advice), the brand is also able to offer a real personalised experience to its customers.



Satisfaction rate among clients, thanks to its human and reactive approach

The eco-designed swimwear brand Gili’s, suiting the whole family, has experienced great feedbacks from its customers using the Assistant. Indeed, they are really satisfied with the answers in real time and the human quality of exchanges. Customers can also benefit from a size advice tool, allowing to order the right size and not 2, so as to reduce returns.



Conversion by email follow-up

Fête Impériale, a sustainable ready to wear label inspired by art & nature, has been taking advantage of the personalisation of the Assistant features. Indeed, they have a tailored notification system according to the purchasing path of each customer. Moreover, the Assistant includes a follow-up of post-chat conversations by email, which can reach 20 to 30% conversion rate.

Bag & Accessories

1 platform

Product info from the boutiques directly in the Assistant

Jack Gomme, the leather goods and accessories brand with a handy and minimalist touch, wanted to improve its online customer experience. The human agents have been trained in order to provide the most precise Customer service support. In deed, they know the product specificities, are connected to the Back office and are linked to the boutiques for more specific questions.

Shoes & Leather goods


Full time and ultra-reactive approach

Avril Gau, the french founder of the Avril Gau shoes and leather goods brand, has been particularly pleased with the 24/7 conversationnal approach. Indeed, she noticed that “The number of conversations that have resulted in sales is incredible” and would recommend solution to any ecommerce willing to develop its online sales.

Clothes - Multibrand


Automated. And a 40% reduction in Zendesk ticketing

L’Exception, a french multibrand concept store, reaching about 400k sessions / month, found with the possibility to tailor-made the Assistant, with a 100% automated approach. The products recommendation feature is adapted to the users preferences and journey, and to the catalogue in real time. AI helps users to find the most suited products. Moreover, with the Support feature, the Customer service team saw a significant decrease in Zendesk ticketing (about 40%), thanks to the precision of the automated support decision tree.



Delegated. And a dedicated Customer Success manager to keep up to date

DA/DA, a high-end women ready-to-wear brand inspired from the men’s fashion universe, wanted to reproduce the in-store experience online.. Assistant implemented a tailor-made solution, comparable to a real stylist. Indeed, the Assistant offers the possibility for each customer to find the item that will best match their tastes, regarding different fashion parameters. They also have the possibility to get personal advice thanks to the 100% delegated Live chat.

Decoration - Multibrand


Tailor-made. Including in the journey of each feature.

Design Privés is a decoration multi-brand website, providing advisory, as a professional design agency would do, directly on the website. The Assistant has been tailored to the brand needs : Products recommendations, Advanced search (by customised filters), Visual search (to find the most similar items) and a 24/7 Live chat.


Instagram API

Feature. In addition to the Assistant features

The swimwear Italian brand Oséree, distributed worldwide notably through Farfetch and Net à Porter, benefits from’s Assistant. In addition to the Live chat, the Assistant provides a better search experience thanks to the advanced search, with customised filters. Furthermore, the Assistant also offers the possibility to manage their Instagram account Direct Messages through Instagram API. The merging of these messenger platforms enables a better follow-up and a better fluidity.



Features in a same solution

Gooseberry Intimates, a Lingerie and Swimwear international brand, with most of its customers based in the US, needed to improve the user experience of its website in different ways. The solution allowed the brand to develop several aspects of their ecommerce, with 4 features included in the same tool : - Delegated Live chat 24/7 - Size recommendation by model - Personalised product recommendations - Tailor-made decision tree for Customer support



of the experience to personalise the UX

Zenith, a Swiss brand that excels in the mastery of innovative and exceptional materials, helps customers to find the best watch, as an in-store jewellery expert would do, thanks to the Assistant. Indeed,’s tool offers customers a gamified onboarding in which they provide information about their preferences (style, type, materials, colors, features, …) and they get the most suited models, integrating explained recommendations.

Men’s fashion


And daily products recommendations

OLLYGAN, a men’s ready-to-wear brand that wants to embody French elegance, highly benefited from the Assistant in a recommendation of products aspect. The products recommendation system based on AI offers to each customer a daily selection of products, based on their criteria and tastes, given during the onboarding, the rating and through their journey on the website. The looks recommendation has also enabled the brand to develop cross-selling. Nonetheless, customers can still ask their questions live through the delegated Live chat and get precisions, concerning style advice or customer support very quickly.

Lingerie & Homewear


Even in size advice per model

The French Lingerie and Homewear brand Noo Paris, wanted to improve its Customer service while maintaining a close relationship with its customers. The size recommendation implemented on the website allows to be advised on the size to take for each product of their catalog. With the high frequency of new collections, the tool is automatically adapted with the latest releases, allowing to have a very scalable tool. They also adopted the brand-managed Live chat of the Assistant during the daily hours, still allowing a mix with a delegated model to provide a 24/7 service.



Decision trees, corresponding to most asked question

Yeu Voyages, a local travel agency that has more than one surprise in store for you, wanted to upgrade the Customer Experience on its website. To do so they activated our Assistant in its Live chat mode to first reply to their demands in direct. After an analyse of their customers’ requests. decision trees are progressively put in place to help the consumer in his journey on the website.