Personalised recommendations

Provide an augmented Personal shopper to your customers

AI-powered personalized recommendations

Show your customers just the goods that are a good match for their preferences, thanks to our Personalised suggestions feature.

This allows the user to not miss their best articles, and to earn precious time.

The user experience is improved and the satisfaction increases, as does the conversion.

Customisable onboarding and parameters

We build a journey adapted to your products:

steps, decision trees and filters are adjusted to your products characteristics and customers profiles.

Scenarios reviewed together:

thanks to the visualization of the different scenarios, you can easily adjust them without work on your side.

Easy to modify afterwards:

the graphical mode allows the comparison of multiple paths and autonomous modification.

Relevant and accurate matching

Users preferences

We gather data from different sources : preferences during the quick onboarding, tastes during the rating, and also during the journey on the website. Be combine declarative and behavioural data.

Products characteristics

We also analyse automatically all your products to get as many details as possible on their features, via the image on one hand and via the text on the other hand. We notably use NLP (text analysis) and Computer vision (image analysis).

Recommender system based on Machine Learning

Machine learning is making the link between each users informations, in order to predict the what we don’t know yet, from what we already know from other users. It also includes popularity aspects, which often have a significant impact on the final probability.

Our proprietary technology, keeps on improving as it benefits from the different gathered and anonymised data sources, helping your brand to get the most of its recommendations.

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