Live chat - Experts advisors 24/7

Delegate your customer service to expert agents to optimize it 24/7, while improving conversion.

A 24/7 assistance to your online customers

Our AI and agents are available 24/7

Provide your customers with support anytime. As a salesperson would assist visitors in a store our Assistant handles conversations, regardless of working hours and time zones.

Maximisation of your conversion

Studies show that more than half of users will leave a website to buy somewhere else if the experience is not personalized enough (source : Accenture). On our clients websites, the add-to-cart rate increases on average from 4% to 25% between the non users and the users of our Assistant.

Provide the best possible experience to your clients

Customer satisfaction is the other major impact of our solution: do not let them facing an issue without help, or not finding what they want. Build more trust and loyalty for your brand.

High conversations quality thanks to human supervision

Human conversations

Our agents are monitoring each interaction to ensure that we are providing the appropriate support. Human interactions enable a more personalized experience and more precise responses.

Quality is our priority

Our agents follow strict procedures with a permanent self-learning of our knowledge base and regular updates. They are chosen for their communication skills, their rigor and their reactivity.

Dedicated Customer success manager

You get regular follow-up from your dedicated customer success. Your point of contact is available to discuss your performance, quality monitoring, evolutions and features, etc.

Omnichannel Coverage

Our expert agents, using our platform, are trained to respond to your customers across all channels.

We are committed to providing a quick and efficient response regardless of your chosen channel.



Messaging App

Customer service expertise

Our human agents takeover conversations as soon as needed, 24/7. This ensure a very qualitative experience and they are trained on ecommerce topics, from customer support to sales.

Smart notifications to optimise conversion

Launch automatically a specific personalised message in response to a given page visit or activity. Ex : 10% Welcome discount when they add items to their basket.

Tracking by conversation
& Analytics dashboard

Examine the impact of each interaction on conversion. Monitor usage in quantitative and qualitative ways in real time.

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