Knowledge Base

Drawing from our expertise in the field, we provide you with templates and assist you in structuring your knowledge base to ensure it is as comprehensive as possible.

Strong Know-how & Processes

Our know-how (knowledge base management) and processes (informations collection and continuous learning) guarantees a great answers quality.

Our customer service representatives work for a variety of companies in a variety of industries and may benefit from all of the lessons learned from a variety of scenarios.

Our technology understands what people are asking for and knows how to reply to most of the customer service questions, with answers already stored in our database, for each client.

Customer success manager by your side to make sure all the informations are up to date.

Human experts

Delegate your customer service to agents who will reply with a high reactivity, and high quality.

International profiles, covering different times zones and experts in customer service.

We find the right mix for your brand, regarding your specificities, so as to reply in a continuous (24/7), reactive (supervised AI tools), qualitative (humans supervising) and delegated (saving you significant time) way.