About us

Vision & History

Cleed.ai is born from a paradoxical vision, in which technology would make it possible to rehumanize online shopping, through personnalisation and conversational experience.

In 2019, after launching the ecommerce multibrand website Cleed.com, we focused on providing brands and retailers the most suited tool to make their users have the best possible experience online. Being also a retailer helps us to have better insights in the operational issues that our clients are facing everyday.

Getting to know more about consumers tastes, and analyse precisely products features, in order to provide users with the most adapted selection has always been the core of our solution. Adding a conversational support through a mix of AI and human, but also features such as size recommendation, advanced search, visual search allowed us to come up with the most advanced tool on the market.

Our team

Cleed was founded in Paris by its CEO Adrien Vaissade, joined by a complementary team of experts in Web development, Data science and Business.

After building the tech products at ParisTech entrepreneurs and starting to commercialise our solution, we joined La Maison des Startups by LVMH at Station F, the biggest startup campus in the world. Being accelerated by LVMH allowed us to benefit from the best ecosystem.

We are now expanding with international clients, and still following our goal on a daily basis : provide our clients’ customers the best possible online shopping experience.

Our partners