Online Shopping Assistant

The augmented salesperson for your ecommerce website combining live conversational and personalised experience to manage your customer service 24/7 and scale your conversion

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Add a salesperson to your ecommerce website

In 48h. Without any work from your side.

Available 24/7 to maximise your sales

Managed by our agents, so that you can save time and focus on your daily tasks

The best from AI and Human into an all-in-one chatbot

Our supervisors guarantee the best answers quality

Our AI helps to automate all the recurring conversations and to answer in a few seconds.

Customisable design and journey

Automated & Supervised Live chat

When your visitors are in a « specific idea/question » mode, they don’t want to wait to get an answer.

So our tool will answer automatically, 24/7.

Personalised recommendations

When your visitors are in a « window shopping » mode, they won’t scroll all your website.

So we show them firstly what best suits their tastes.

Size advisory

Many users don’t go ahead with the purchase because they are not sure, and online retailers return rates often reach 12-18%.

So we advise them the right size, precise by product!

Your multiple benefits

Delegate your customer service

Save time to focus on your daily tasks while we manage all the conversations.

Maximise your conversion rate

We answer to all the users questions 24/7 and provide them the most adapted products in real time.

Develop the customer satisfaction

Our tool offers the best possible online UX as it covers Customer support, Sale advisory, Size advice, Visual search, Multi-canal conversations, and more.

All-in-one Augmented Salesperson

customer service

Release your customer service staff from the recurrent questions and provide the best user experience to your online visitors.


Provide your clients with the products that correspond precisely to their needs, thanks to an augmented salesperson.

Visual search
& Conversational search

Give your clients the most advanced search tool to make them find quickly what they want.

Social selling
& Cross-selling

Regularly notify your clients from interesting deals, based on popularity, new collections, discounts…

Our added value

  • Available 24/7 and automatically adapted to your catalog

  • Implemented in 48 hours. Without work on your side

  • All-in-one chatbot : Conversations, Recommendations, Sizing advisory, Visual search, …

  • Delegated management to save time

  • Adjustable modes (bot/human/supervised bot/mix by hours/available/not available)

  • Admin platform to follow-up (or takeover) conversations & statistics

  • Linked to your catalogue

  • Exact and precise user data: both declarative and behavioural

  • Customisable design

  • Unique recommendation accuracy: 2 years of R&D on the visual vertical

  • On-demand decision trees

  • Concrete results measurables through A/B testing

  • Mobile & SEO adapted (100ms asynchronous loading)

Implemented in 1 minute

Only one line of code to add. No technical work needed from you

Cleed is an API based solution (SaaS), designed to externalise all the implementation and follow-up process on our side.

We can either connect to your CMS or scrap independently your catalogue several times per day to be always up to date.

Our solution is universal and can be added to any website, whatever the CMS or frameworks used

Integrated to your existing solutions to automate processes

Our tool is able to connect to any of your existing CMS or CRM softwares

This allows us to connect to your existing databases (catalogs, users, order or delivery status…) in order to provide the right info autonomously

We are also able to merge processes (messenger systems, call centers flows, …) from your installed solutions to scale your customer service

Multiple channels agregation

Handle conversations on different channels concurrently, in one platform.

Get the 360 degree view of each customer, and don’t lose information if he switches channel.

Universal conversations Messenger platform

We process all requests instantly and follow up on the various exchanges.

We retrieve certain information from customer service (or a salesperson in the store) by email (or directly in the tool).

You can consult the conversations at any time, their status and take control if necessary.

Data analytics dashboards in real time

Monitor the performance of the Assistant: conversion, usage, …

Understand the trends: for products feedbacks as well as for users characteristics (gathered and anonymised data), with a high granularity level.

A/B testing.

Export all your data in the format you want.

Bring your in-store customer experience online

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