Omnichannel messaging

Deliver seamless, continuing
conversations across all messaging

Whatsapp business

For your customers online

Possibility to switch a conversation from Live Chat to WhatsApp or to start directly on Whatsapp from the site (QR Code, number…)

Possible integration of decision trees as in the Live chat

Continuity of exchanges, even when the user leaves the website. Trusted channel that your customers are used to, secure (end-to-end encryption), and with rich content (photos, videos…)

Whatsapp business

For your teams
(Customer Service, Store salespersons)

In-store salespersons can reply to online customers using WhatsApp Business. They get the ability to takeover conversations on particular product queries, in direct or asynchronously.

Can be activated during office hours only, on a business or personal phone.

Convenient to use for your teams, in addition to our classic tools.

Facebook Messenger

The first social network

With 2.91bn active users, Facebook became a vital platform for small business sales and social media marketing.

Know your audience

You can have acces to multiple datas from your clients with Facebook Business Page and analyse them to create your marketing strategy.

Boost web traffic

By linking to your company’s website to your Facebook Business Page, you’ll drive more traffic to your website.

Adjust flows to your needs

Build communication flows for each interaction (notifications, alert messages).


Create smooth conversations with reliable messaging solutions

Provide you reliable SMS messaging for your business communication

Keep your clients engaged and increase conversion and service

Build communication flows for each interaction (notifications, alert messages)


All your direct messages, integrated into our Admin platform to offer quick replies

Manage easily your customers inquiries : automate certain answers with tailor-made decision trees

We can manage your interactions with human agents

Get personalised conversations with your customers

Google Messages

Engage with visitors before they reach your website

Google Messaging allows internet users to contact directly your brand through a message from the “Google My Business” page.

Build trust with Google visitors

Use personalized messaging to your users to create a more human experience

Optimize their experience

Improve your customer satisfaction with CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) data and feedback.

“One-to-one” video calls

Allow your visitors to get more insights and to have a direct contact with a salesperson showing them the products in real time.

Ideal solution to offer a personalised shopping experience with your salesperson in stores.

Customers and your salesperson interact in Live video from your e-commerce site in a one-to-one call.

Users can simply add products to their basket in 1 click from the video.

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