3D visualisation

The future of e-commerce is 3D. It provides clients a unique interactive experience with more realistic items.

Add a 3D version of your static images

The 3D visualisation allows to see the full product in every angles (including each tiny details), anytime, anywhere.

This solution, available for any sector, allows retailers to get a strong competitive advantage.

According to sector experts, 3D visualisation brings :

83% Conversion rate lift

40% Average reduction in returns

61% Average Increase in order value

Characteristics and implementation

It allows online customers to :

Rotate in all directions

Zoom in, out, and explore more thoroughly

View the product in motion simulation

It also includes a QR code feature:
The product is automatically added to your current backdrop photo s surroundings, around which the user can stroll to simulate an in-store experience.

For the implementation, only two pictures from each article are needed, and are then easily converted into a 3D format, before being integrated into the assistant.