Virtual try-on

Trying your products and match them has never been so easy with our virtual-try-one service

Virtual try-on: a revolutionary concept

This Virtual try-on feature designed for fashion industry, allows customers to try products virtually on a most-similar model in order to check if they match their style and morphology.

Using virtual fitting rooms can help shoppers decide what to buy. They are free to test products at their own pace until they find the one that suits them the best.
It can also help to find a good matching article and develop the cross-sell.

Customers are less likely to return items since they may test them before making a purchase. They have a greater chance of making the right choice the first time.
It also enhance the gamification and innovation of your website and branding !

How it works ?

The user first selects the model that is the most similar to his measurements and physical profile.

He is then able to mix and match different clothes to discover the different outcomes.

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