Size advice

Don't let your clients mistrust their size so as to
significantly decrease your return rate

Automated size advice tool by model

Providing online clients with the right size is not only important for conversion but also to lower returns. Indeed, it has a strong economic impact but also an environmental one.

Nowadays, too many clients order 2 (or even more…) sizes, knowing in advance that they will return the wrong one.

Our tool allows your customers to make sure to choose the right size in a very user friendly experience. No need to search and calculate in complicated size guides by categories/models (which people often don’t take the time to do).

Why is this tool a must have ?

For the fashion industry, the "Size Advice" feature can reach a precision up to a size guide by model. It allows to transform your complicated size charts into a fluid user experience.

Our solution allows to :

Increase conversion

Improve UX

Reduce return rate and therefore lower CO2 emissions

This implementation also helps retailers to restructure their size charts in order to make it more precise and consistent.

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