Customisation of the Assistant

Our Live Assistant is completely customisable, in order to provide the experience adapted to your sector, your audience and your branding.

Customisation of the Assistant

Design & Wording

We can easily adapt any visual aspect of the chatbot so that is matches the branding of your website.
Same for the wording, that you can configure directly from the Admin autonomously.

Steps and AI parameters

After choosing the Apps you want to add, you can also configure the journey in each App so as to get your own decision trees.
For the Personalised recommendations, it is also possible for you to adjust the parameters (ex : weight of a criteria, products to emphasize or understate, …)

Features and UX

We propose these features by default, and constantly add new ones :

Sending photos/attachments

Speech to text

Discrete sound notification when response received with bot closed

Mobile adapted (taking the full screen)

Possibility to take a larger part of the screen for desktop (notably for products recommendations). We can also add tailor-made ones if needed.