Various user interface options

Chatbot format

It won't alter your website structure and will be the most easy-to-deploy solution.

This will allow you to notify easily your customers and create interactions to start engaging them.

This very flexible format can be displayed wherever you decide (all or certain pages, all or certain audience, ...).

Specific web page

This option will allow you to get more attention from your visitors on this feature, but also to have more space dedicated to personnalisation.

The look and feel will tend towards a very seamless experience.

You will also be able to integrate the elements of this page into your SEO.

Seamless content personalisation

Catalog: Prioritise the displayed products for each user.

Product page: Recommend products that they could also like or that could be added a purchase.

Search: Prioritize the displayed products for each user.

Messenger app & Personalised newsletters

Tool replicable in the Messenger app.

You can also personalise your newsletters thanks to data exports (Mailchimp, Mailjet, SendInBlue, …).