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The right mix between human & AI allowing you to delegate your customer service to save time and improve conversion

A 24/7 assistance to your online customers

Our AI and agents are available 24/7

Provide your customers with support anytime. As a salesperson would assist visitors in a store our Assistant handles conversations, regardless of working hours and time zones.

Maximisation of your conversion

Studies show that more than half of users will leave a website to buy somewhere else if the experience is not personalized enough (source : Accenture). On our clients websites, the add-to-cart rate increases on average from 4% to 25% between the non users and the users of our Assistant.

Provide the best possible experience to your clients

Customer satisfaction is the other major impact of our solution: do not let them facing an issue without help, or not finding what they want. Build more trust and loyalty for your brand.

High conversations quality thanks to human supervision

Human conversations

Our agents are supervising each conversation, to make sure that we provide the right assistance. Bring a more personalised experience and very precise answers thanks to human interactions.

Quality is our priority

Our agents apply rigorous processes and are selected based on their communication skills and methods.

Dedicated customer success manager

Get the follow-up from your dedicated customer success manager regularly. Your point of contact available to discuss about performance, brand informations updates, features...

Automation of processes...

Most frequent questions are answered automatically with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Automation of answers through proprietary technologies.

Build journeys with adjustable decision trees

Easily adapt the decision trees to your needs.

Provide directly informations from your back-office

Easily adapt the decision trees to your needs. We integrate your softwares API into the Assistant.

...To improve scalability, reactivity and lower costs

More scalability and delegation

Our platform is can go up to full delegation, we just ask you precisions by email if needed. But your team members can also use the tool (either from customer service or boutique).

More reactivity

Our high reactivity compensates with the high volatility of online customers

Lower costs

Full human solutions can be very time consuming internally or very expensive externally. Our approach helps you find a good fit with your budget.

Optimise your conversion

Tracking by conversation

For each conversation, see the impact on conversion with the info about products seen, clicked, added to cart and purchased (with the details and timings).

Specific features to optimise conversion

Launch a specific message for a certain page viewed, or a certain action. Ex: Reminder of the 10% Weclome discount when add to cart, to reduce your abandoned carts.

Analytics dashboard for the global view

Follow up in real time the usage in quantitative (volumes) and qualitative aspects (split by natures of conversations), and the conversion. Compare through time. You can also get details about your catalogue mix vs users preferences, to adapt your marketing strategies.

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