Automated decision trees & Order status

We integrate all your various Q&A customer service cases in our solution, which users navigates into dynamically including back-office info such as Order status

A 100% automated approach to scale your customer service

Our AI and agents are available 24/7

Provide assistance to your consumers at any moment. Our Assistant conducts interactions in the same way a salesperson would in a shop, regardless of working hours or time zones.

Maximisation of your conversion

According to studies, if a website's experience is not customized enough, more than half of consumers would quit to shop elsewhere.
On our clients' websites, the add-to-cart rate improves significatively between non-users and users of our Assistant.

Provide the best possible experience to your clients

Customer satisfaction is another major impact of our solution : do not leave them confronting an issue alone or unable to locate what they need. Improve your brand's trust and loyalty.

Build journeys with adjustable decision trees

Easily adapt the decision trees to your needs. Integrate box email message to transfer more specific questions, clickable back-office information, product carrousels, links, emojis, …

Provide directly informations from your back-office

We can integrate your existing softwares information in real time into the Assistant.

Save time, with automation on a first level

Full human solutions can be very time consuming internally.
This approach helps you to reduce your ticket requests significatively, managing only the more precise questions on your side.