Generative AI

Harnessing the power of Generative AI for ecommerce: introduces its GenAI service’s conversational assistant incorporates generative AI to enhance the immersion of the customer experience:

Ultra-personalized product recommendations through AI

Automated customer service responses using our fluid and responsive chatbot. Supervised by outsourced human agents or by your internal teams.

Generative AI is also integrated into our Admin platform to assist your teams:

AI pre-selected products available on the mobile application to aid in-store sellers with Personal shopping

Response drafts to emails directly integrated into your CRM to help customer service teams scale

Ease of Use

Tool trained on all the data from your site, and linked in real-time to your product catalog

Import your knowledge with a single click (urls, pdf, png, ...), without the need for predefined pathways

Opportunity to modify content or add additional information autonomously at any time


Significant improvement in conversion rate and reduction in cart abandonment rate

Time savings for customer service, between 65 and 85%, allowing focus on higher-value tasks

Enhanced user satisfaction

Accuracy of the information delivered

Reliable answers 24/7

Ability to limit platform responses to your data

Continuous updating of your site and catalog data

Autonomous control of the tool

Adjustment of certain responses or addition of content

Adjustment of the tone of voice

Access to exchanges and statistics to adjust if needed

Data security

Protection of customer and company data confidentiality

GDPR compliant

Choice between OpenAI or Microsoft Azure

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